Female Infertility Treatment In India

There are different causes for this condition and symptoms can vary depending on the individual. Some women do not experience any symptoms, but hydrosalpinx can have a severe impact on fertility.


Hydrosalpinx and infertility
Anyone with hydrosalpinx should seek professional advice for planning a pregnancy.

During conception, the egg travels from an ovary along the fallopian tube to the uterus. Hydrosalpinx causes the fallopian tube to become blocked with fluid, so the egg cannot pass down the tube, Also, the fimbria that help to draw the egg from the ovary into the tubes can become stuck together.

If only one fallopian tube is blocked, it is still possible to conceive without intervention, as eggs from the other ovary will still be able to make it to the uterus.

There is also a chance that the fluid build up could leak into the uterus and interfere with the embryo implanting itself properly.

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