Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Update: Five-Star Characters Rerun

In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, a chart shows a waiting list of five-star characters who have not been featured in rerun banners for several months. The game introduces limited-time character banners known as event warps, where players use special rail passes to unlock favorite


In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, the chart reveals a list of five-star characters who have not been featured in rerun banners for several months. The game has seen significant updates and introduced limited-time character banners known as event warps since its initial release.

Players are required to utilize special rail passes to unlock their favorite units and light cones during these time-limited event warps. These warps serve as the exclusive method for obtaining the newest characters and light cones in the space RPG, similar to the banner system in Genshin Impact.

Each version of Honkai: Star Rail introduces at least two event warps, allowing players to explore fresh options for their character roster. However, it's important to note that event warps typically focus on promoting only one or two five-star units and light cones.The recently shared Honkai: Star Rail chart on Reddit has unveiled a list of five-star characters who have been eagerly awaited for reruns in upcoming events. Fu Xuan, Topaz, Seele, Huohuo, Argenti, and Silver Wolf are among the much-anticipated characters awaiting their turn to be featured in banners.

Fu Xuan has been waiting for a rerun for five consecutive updates, while Topaz and Seele have been absent for four patches. Additionally, Huohuo, Argenti, and Silver Wolf are also on the waiting list, having missed out for three patches each.

Exciting news has surfaced regarding the next version of Honkai: Star Rail, as leaks suggest that Fu Xuan, Topaz, and Argenti will finally make their comeback in rerun banners next month. Early leaks also hint at the introduction of new characters Boothill and Robin, based in Penacony, who are expected to be promoted in different parts of version 2.2. However, it's important to approach these leaks with caution as they may not be entirely accurate.

Looking ahead to version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, online leaks have also revealed potential new content. Speculations point to a free-to-claim four-star Harmony Light Cone and the introduction of a new gameplay mechanic that could elevate the challenge of defeating bosses.

As per the current schedule, Honkai: Star Rail update 2.2 is anticipated to arrive in early May.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards in Honkai Star Rail serve as a crucial in-game currency, primarily used to upgrade and enhance the skills of Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby boosting the players' progress and performance. Players eager to advance their characters can obtain Oneiric Shards through gameplay by completing story missions, events, and daily challenges, or by engaging in competitive modes like Abyss or Memorial Arena. Alternatively, for a more straightforward acquisition, players can opt for a Honkai Star Rail top up by purchasing Oneiric Shards directly through various game trading platforms, using real currency to secure the needed resources for their journey.

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