97-Rated Chelsea Star Tops FC 24 WSL TOTS Selections

The eagerly awaited FC 24 WSL TOTS lineup has been revealed, featuring a 97-rated Chelsea star. Fans can now enjoy the top-tier squads' entrance into the game after the build-up of events like TOTS Warm Up and TOTS Live. The Women's Super League Team of the Season (TOTS) will b



The eagerly anticipated Team of the Season selections for FC 24 Ultimate Team have finally been unveiled, starting with an impressive lineup from the WSL and Premier League. Fans can now experience the thrill of these top-tier squads as they make their grand entrance into the game.

TOTS Warm Up and TOTS Live

The excitement has been building with preparatory events like TOTS Warm Up and the recent TOTS Live, but the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here—the main event is about to commence.

WSL TOTS Overview

The Women's Super League Team of the Season (TOTS) is the focus of our discussion today. We will delve into the essential information, highlighting every player who made the cut along with their specific stats. Let's dive in!

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